I didn’t realize it’s been about 9 months since I last posted here!  I suppose that’s mostly due to the fact that that’s the last time I actually made something, for myself or to sell.  I had a failed attempt at crocheting a baby blanket (well, more like I ran out of time…it’s still, sitting half done in a bag with the rest of my yarn).  I had a semi-failed attempt at making recipe cards (burned screens to screen-print, but rushed it and 99% of them came out blurry).  Sadly, making things has been low on the totem-pole of daily “to-dos” for me, and looks to continue to be that way for the time being.

I was supposed to be finished with my thesis in February, but pushed it back to May.  Unfortunately, I didn’t finish in time for that date, and had to push it back, again, to October.  Fingers crossed and knocking on wood that it’s done by then.  No. Scratch that.  That it’s done by August.  I really am so over it, and have no desire to deal with it anymore.

Currently, I’ve been posting things over at My Internet Boyfriend.  Take a look.  A girl can dream, right?


i don’t think i got around to sharing this, but i was interviewed for the New London Day back when i sold at I AM festival this fall.

it wasn’t necessarily my most eloquent moment, but after being surprised that they wanted to talk to me, i guess it was alright (despite me sounding super nerdy).

…is apparently what i am.

but! that job interview that was mentioned the last time i was here?  it’s a go, and thus has taken up 97% of my time over the past month.  i’m now working here, and continuing my quest in becoming the best ice cream scooper ever.

it’s weird, but ice cream is just something i’m good at…i guess it’s nice to know that if nothing else ever works out, i’ll always have this one fallback plan.


additionally, the thesis has been modified and fixed, and approved once again by my advisor, so i’ll be able to start hacking away at that.


this is turning into a virtual “to do” list.  i really don’t want that to happen. i’ll work on that…along with not taking a month to appear again.

apparently, month-long blogging breaks are the new black.  from getting back to alaska, unpacking, repacking my old apartment, moving to a new apartment, unpacking here, and misc. other tasks (finding a job!  selling things at I AM festival! interviews for thesis! coming up with gift ideas!  running again!) i’ve simply been too tired and too forgetful to come around here.

i’m going to try to get better at this.  i’ll make it a resolution.

to make up for it, i’ll share a story of total bizarre chance that happened to me 2 weeks ago:

My computer has (had) been acting up for a while…overheating, shutting down, etc, and I decided to take it in to the Apple store to have it looked at.  I’m lucky enough to have a roommate/friend who works there, so getting in and out wouldn’t be a problem.

I went to the subway, and while waiting, noticed a guy and a girl sitting there waiting for the train as well.  The A finally came, and as we got on, they ended up sitting next to me.  I noticed the girl was wearing tall socks, but other than that, thought nothing of it.  I got off and transferred to the F, and they continued on the A.

Fast forward 4 hours later.  I dropped off my computer at 9, and then went out with friends to dinner/bar after, and around 12, decided it was time to go home.  At this point, I’m on the lower east side, hop on the F, and when I get to Jay Street, get back on the A to go home.

But, as I sit down, I look next to me, and see them.  That couple.  The girl with the socks…they’re next to me again, heading back to the same stop I am.

We were separated by at least 4 hours, and yet, somehow, ended up on the same train, IN THE SAME CAR, going home at the same time.

talk about bizarre.

true story.

off to have a meeting with a potential employer (making my way back into the world of ice cream).  fingers crossed…

i’ve been featured in two etsy treasuries in one day!

here’s the second one…check it out! (it’s shark themed!!!!!!!!)

ok, back to sweating  and sweating and packing and sweating


the past three weeks have been spent driving from alaska to brooklyn, hitting everything from beaches, to salt flats, to canyons in between.

and now, i’m moving!  it’s as though i’m in a constant state of packing/unpacking/repacking.

BUT. 3 things:

  1. i re-opened my etsy shop!
  2. my deep sea diver notebook was featured in someone’s etsy treasury.  take a look!
  3. i’m going to be selling things at the 5th annual I AM Festival in New London, CT.  Stop by and see me!  It’s September 11, on the waterfront.  I’ll be selling from noon – 6pm.


so much to do!

apologies to the 2 people who read this…

my lack of posts has been due to increased travel.

currently in wendover, UT, on my way back to Brooklyn.

it’s a big country.

i can’t even begin to tell you how much i love this video.

i  got home from work at 4:00, and it’s now 8.

the entire time, the washer and dryer (next to my bedroom) have been going nonstop.

i’ve been laying in bed for the past 2 hours, and it’s getting REALLY old. how much laundry do you need to do, michael (or, michael)?

today’s like, the first really nice day in the past couple of weeks…it’s been overcast and gloomy and this week’s started off with sunshine and (slightly) warmer temperatures.  i left work early to take advantage of nice weather and go for a run.  i came back to the apartment, changed, etc, and as i was walking out the door, i saw two little green eyes looking at me from under the stairs to the apartment above me…

they belonged to a little grey cat that wouldn’t come to me, but was totally watching me.  as i walked away, it started stalking me alongside the stairs/sidewalk…i wanted to scoop it up and keep it, but decided that’s not such a good idea and an alaskan fur-friend isn’t necessarily something i need right now.

unfortunately, the run sucked.  i did 1.5 miles before i felt like i was going to vombomb everywhere.  i don’t know what’s wrong with me…i used to be able to bang out 4+ miles (usually 5 or 6) easily, running at least 9:20 pace, but usually closer to 9.

now, i can hardly finish 2 miles without feeling like i’m going to hurl, and they’re between 9:45 and 10 minute pace.  it sucks and is beyond frustrating and disheartening and i know i just need to make myself push through feeling sick but when it gets to that point, i don’t want to. ugh.


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