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i’ve spent the last three days in illinois, where i’ve had too much fun, spent too much money, and am too excited to live in new london next year.


speaking of moving (since that’s really all that’s been on my mind lately), if anyone reads this (do they?) and they have suggestions on recipes (pref. veg), wanna give them to me? i cannot wait to have a kitchen to cook in. 


i’m thinking i’m also going to need a second job, as 11/hr for 35 hours/week doesn’t seem like that much to sustain me.  i’m sure i could make it work, but it will be rough. srsly.  pete told me to look at ice cream stores and lie, saying that i was a manager for him, and he paid  me 15/hour (pffffff…yeah right).   

i would really like to just sell stuff online. start making a bunch of stuff, card/papers/sewings/etc, and sell sell sell.


unrelated, i’ve been reading like there’s no tomorrow, and am currently (and always) looking for suggestions for new books. i’m not kidding. let me know if there are any worth reading that you can think of. 



so sassy. yikes.


i’m working with some true oddballs in the office today.  don’t know their names, don’t know where they came from, or even what they’re doing, for that matter. but one is a guy who makes odd, slightly off-beat jokes, and got excited about an exhibit on egyptian magic or something. he bounds around the room, swishing his cargo-pants around, and stroking his beard and ponytail.  he just swished out of here to go “the ‘special’ office” as he called it.  he could be anywhere from age 16 to 22. bizarre.

the other nerdbomb is this woman, who i don’t know if she works here, if she inters here, if she just hangs out here when she feels like it, but everything is a complaint or a question or a comment or something of the sort, and it’s bizarrrrrrrrrrrrrre.  like, now. as i type “oh, i need to ask one more question…” i thought her last question was 2 minutes ago.

still searching for apartments. already buying furniture and wall thangz.

can you tell where my priorities are?

i saw simon! we made phone chatz across the park from each other, and finally met up under a statue of a polish prince (? perhaps?) where we chatted and talked and hugged and stuff. right near the turtle pond. the scummy turtle pond. literally. ick.


i’m on the fence about ever raising kids in the city. part of me thinks it could be totally fun for them…but, then again, i’d partially want to drop them into a giant field and watch them run. and that’s difficult in the city…


after sweating like pigs and grabbing his bags, we went to meet up with his friends and eat at this delicious vegan/veg. place in the lower east side. tasty taasty. and bears beers!


i’ve been looking more and more into certain new london apartments. getting closer to finding things, and have now enlisted the help of some locals/”locals”. i’ll probably be making a return up there on tuesday to do some apartment searching.


yeah, tuesday…AFTER I RETURN FROM ILLINOIS! so excited! 3 cheers! no, 5!!!!!!!!



i tried to make a lot of eye-contact on the L train tonight, in an effort to make myself the potential subject of a craigslist missed connections ad, as they generally reference interactions on the L train.



  • spent the night doing fun things in new london with fun kids 
  • at the oasis, we were listening to the new girl talk album. i ended up texting him. conversation went like this:


              –Me: “we’re listening to the new album…just wanted to thank you for it. it’s a huge hit here!”

              –Gregg Gillis: “thanks!”


  • was offered the job at mystic. if i can find affordable housing, i will most likely say yes, placing me in new london for 10 months, starting at the end of july/beginning of august.

soft and gray. just how i like it.


so, i’m laying in the quality inn in groton, ct.  i had my interview this morning, which went well (i hope), and as much as i’d love to live in nyc next year, the second i returned to NL, i realized how much i love this place, and would probably be equally as happy here.  

the interview was bizarre. they had 5 people sit in and interview me, and i rambled a ton.  questions ranged from “tell us about your thesis” to “what’s something that you hate to do?” or “what’s something people may incorrectly assume about you?” yeesh. but i ended up seeing blake, eric, and z. and new london. i love new london. 


now i need to find appropriately priced housing. will begin searching asap….with fingers crossed.

i’m going to go check out z’s apartment/loft/studio/??? in 2 minutes. if i live here, i will most certainly take advantage of that. lots. 


i wonder if anyone actually reads this, or if it’s just me talking to the empty interweb. 



i’m getting ready to drive back up to new london in 2 hours.  i snagged an interview at mystic seaport, which, if offered the spot, would give me 10 more months in the whaling city.  i think i’d be doing collections cataloguing, etc, but it would only be 35 hours a week for the 10 months, so the $$$ would be kind of tight, making me need to (most likely) get a second job. eh, whatever.



also signed up to take the GREs in 2 weeks, after the dinner-time blowout yesterday. haven’t studied, won’t have time to study, and apparently no one but myself seems to care that it’s $140 each time you take it. eeesh.


playlist for the ride:


  1. Love at the Death Hotel — The Real Tuesday Weld
  2. Nude (Holy Fuck Remix) — Holy Fuck/Radiohead
  3. Ulayinda Kubota — George Kazoka
  4. Priceless — Langhorne Slim
  5. A Cause Des Garçons — Yelle
  6. Yon Ferrets Return — Neko Case and Carl Newman
  7. I Gotta Move — Ben Kweller
  8. Hayilolosa Amale Ye Matshangana — Mahikwani Makhuvele/Shangaan Men & Women
  9. Boredom Arcades — Catherine McRae
  10. Dizzy — Tommy Roe




online MASH.

hours of fun


totally just won this off ebay:


also, last week included a twin pack of ‘roid film, as well as this:


i smell a return of glass-hand syndrome.



last night, after working a slow shift, i went to pam’s house to say hello and good bye to some good eggs. a few of “the boys” (? was it really the boys? or just some boys?) came over, and the topic of high school reunions came up. which, of course, i’m in charge of…probably why no one ran against me for class president oh-so-many years ago.  if i can have my way, we’ll all dance naked around a keg in the middle of the watchung reservation, wearing animal masks or something.


we’ll probably just end up renting out a bar. meh.


i got a call from mystic seaport today.  i’m going up to new london on monday for an interview for a temporary 10 month position.  i’d be paid very little, and work almost full time, but i’d be living in the area and would get to play with kids who are still up there.  however, over the past few weeks since applying for jobs, i’ve become more and more set on the idea of moving to new york and living with those kids.

we. will. see.


in otter other news, i’m going to illuhnoise next week. woooha

the more often i go into the city, the stronger my urge is to move in there.  yesterday was day #2 hanging on the LES.  saw Quiet Life play at mercury lounge, which was really nice, as i haven’t seen those boys since right before graduation.  i’m sure i weird them out sometimes, because i have very awkward tendencies, but whatever. pam came with and i had a fabulous time sharing them with her.


after, we went to go back to mama’s, but it was closed (boo), so we went to some bizarro sports bar across the street. yikes. probably the only two people who didn’t really care about the basket ball game. drank beers. talked. debated about kimya dawson’s sexuality, ultimately determining that we both have hope in the future to meet appropriately attractive men.

Plastic surgery…dogs, Schnauzers, Pitbulls… shoes, shoelaces…chateaus…sunglasses, Blublockers…rivers, lakes, fields…Africa, elephants…astronauts… money, muscles, the moon, Maine…rings, roads, rats, the color red…the sun, kids, ants, honey, Egypt…all kinds of things...

oh hey…

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