what an incredibly productive day.  i woke up at 7, dragging myself out of bed to get ready for work at AMNH, when i heard on the news that midtown direct trains had a 2 hour delay from the crazy-go-nuts storm of last night.  i called information, confirmed the news, and asked kristen if she’d rather have me come in super late, or just on friday.  She said friday, and i commenced productive day #2 of the summer.

I was able to send off job applications to both BAM in brooklyn (as an artist service rep….totalllllly fantastic and something i’d really like to do), and for Mystic Seaport in CT, which would be a part-time, 10 month stint (allowing me to hang out up at school with all the other itty-bitty-kiddies.

From there, i went to Derco and had my first timer’s guide to india printed up for the 4 chosen ones.  it looks fantastic and bound, and slightly like my notebooks, which is nice because that’s what i wanted to model it all after.  i’m hopefully going to get those shipped off to those kids tomorrow so they can put them to use before they leave.

i was in need of some new summer reading, so i went to borders to pick up some books…including The Yiddish Policemen’s Union by Michael Chabon, and Bed by Tao Lin (which i have been waiting monthsonthsonths to read).  as soon as i finish Everything is Illuminated, i will be diving into these.  I also picked up the latest copy of Esopus magazine, which is beautiful, but also came with a surprise….a free cd!  i didn’t realize this was the issue that a cd would appear in, but i listened to it and am in love.  it’s a compilation cd titled “good news”, and they asked all the artists chosen to pick a piece of news in the world that could be interpreted as good, and write a song about it.  the playlist is:


  • The Real Tuesday Weld — Love at the Death Hotel
  • Neko Case and Carl Newman — Yon Ferrets Return
  • Christ Rehm — Impendin’ Recession
  • Marnie Stern — Fathom Five
  • Busdriver — I’ve always Known
  • Man Man — A Song for Liza Minelli
  • Langhorne Slim — Priceless
  • Ryan Adams — A Song in the News
  • Gowns — Butterfly Knife
  • Catherine McRae — Boredom Arcades
  • Atlas Sound — Sleeping Village Appears Empty
  • Artificial Workshop — Miracle Man