last night, after working a slow shift, i went to pam’s house to say hello and good bye to some good eggs. a few of “the boys” (? was it really the boys? or just some boys?) came over, and the topic of high school reunions came up. which, of course, i’m in charge of…probably why no one ran against me for class president oh-so-many years ago.  if i can have my way, we’ll all dance naked around a keg in the middle of the watchung reservation, wearing animal masks or something.


we’ll probably just end up renting out a bar. meh.


i got a call from mystic seaport today.  i’m going up to new london on monday for an interview for a temporary 10 month position.  i’d be paid very little, and work almost full time, but i’d be living in the area and would get to play with kids who are still up there.  however, over the past few weeks since applying for jobs, i’ve become more and more set on the idea of moving to new york and living with those kids.

we. will. see.


in otter other news, i’m going to illuhnoise next week. woooha