i’m getting ready to drive back up to new london in 2 hours.  i snagged an interview at mystic seaport, which, if offered the spot, would give me 10 more months in the whaling city.  i think i’d be doing collections cataloguing, etc, but it would only be 35 hours a week for the 10 months, so the $$$ would be kind of tight, making me need to (most likely) get a second job. eh, whatever.



also signed up to take the GREs in 2 weeks, after the dinner-time blowout yesterday. haven’t studied, won’t have time to study, and apparently no one but myself seems to care that it’s $140 each time you take it. eeesh.


playlist for the ride:


  1. Love at the Death Hotel — The Real Tuesday Weld
  2. Nude (Holy Fuck Remix) — Holy Fuck/Radiohead
  3. Ulayinda Kubota — George Kazoka
  4. Priceless — Langhorne Slim
  5. A Cause Des Garçons — Yelle
  6. Yon Ferrets Return — Neko Case and Carl Newman
  7. I Gotta Move — Ben Kweller
  8. Hayilolosa Amale Ye Matshangana — Mahikwani Makhuvele/Shangaan Men & Women
  9. Boredom Arcades — Catherine McRae
  10. Dizzy — Tommy Roe