so, i’m laying in the quality inn in groton, ct.  i had my interview this morning, which went well (i hope), and as much as i’d love to live in nyc next year, the second i returned to NL, i realized how much i love this place, and would probably be equally as happy here.  

the interview was bizarre. they had 5 people sit in and interview me, and i rambled a ton.  questions ranged from “tell us about your thesis” to “what’s something that you hate to do?” or “what’s something people may incorrectly assume about you?” yeesh. but i ended up seeing blake, eric, and z. and new london. i love new london. 


now i need to find appropriately priced housing. will begin searching asap….with fingers crossed.

i’m going to go check out z’s apartment/loft/studio/??? in 2 minutes. if i live here, i will most certainly take advantage of that. lots. 


i wonder if anyone actually reads this, or if it’s just me talking to the empty interweb.