i’ve spent the last three days in illinois, where i’ve had too much fun, spent too much money, and am too excited to live in new london next year.


speaking of moving (since that’s really all that’s been on my mind lately), if anyone reads this (do they?) and they have suggestions on recipes (pref. veg), wanna give them to me? i cannot wait to have a kitchen to cook in. 


i’m thinking i’m also going to need a second job, as 11/hr for 35 hours/week doesn’t seem like that much to sustain me.  i’m sure i could make it work, but it will be rough. srsly.  pete told me to look at ice cream stores and lie, saying that i was a manager for him, and he paid  me 15/hour (pffffff…yeah right).   

i would really like to just sell stuff online. start making a bunch of stuff, card/papers/sewings/etc, and sell sell sell.


unrelated, i’ve been reading like there’s no tomorrow, and am currently (and always) looking for suggestions for new books. i’m not kidding. let me know if there are any worth reading that you can think of. 



so sassy. yikes.