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sorry (to anyone who might actually read this) for the disappearance over the past week or so. I was in CA and really didn’t have it in me to continue while i was there. it was beautiful and lovely and makes me want to move out to northern CA/ SanFran someday (maybe soon, maybe in a while). the temperature never got above 80, and when it even was that hot, it was completely void of any humidity.

at one point, while walking on the beach near the russian river and where it meets the pacific, we came across signs that told us we were on the ground of a seal birthing ground. the signs said:

1.) please stay at least 50′ away

2.) please do not pick up the seals

that spoiled my fun……..





the wedding was glorious, under an oak tree, with a dog and a guitar and a sax and some stones.

it really made me sad that i never really had a super close relationship with josh (cousin), but it’s all most likely because of age differences/not living near each other. but it was beautiful nonetheless and his new wife is adorable.

getting ready to move is out of control, especially as i haven’t really even started yet. yikes.

i will try to be more entertaining in the following days/weeks/months.


seriously, this is what they look like

seriously, this is what they look like


i may have met my future husband today, if not for the fact that he is french and i am almost 99.999999% sure that our paths will never cross again.


i’m tempted to post a craigslist missed-connections ad, but think i’ll refrain.

i’ll just add him to the list of all the ones we’ve compiled in portland, nyc (subways and above ground), and other assorted places.




wanna marry me? step in line.


totally could have been me.

photo from

i spent all of last weekend at the Penn State arts festival with my mother, my 2 friends, and their mother. mothers and daughters stormed state college. we do it every year (by we, i mean my immediate family), and this is the first year i can remember not having my dad there with us (notable, as he’s the reason we always go, since he graduated from there).  it was fun, and different, and of course, i HAD to go to the bar on saturday night, which means i HAD to to play catch up, which means i HAD to drink more than necessary, which means i HAD to have a hangover when i woke up the next morning, which means i HAD to puke in the parking lot of a church as we were leaving town.  obviously.

i was actually called pretentious at the bar by some guy who asked what kind of music i was into. i told him, and he’s like, well, you’re pretentious now, aren’t you.  ???  i never said anything about judging him for what he listened to, nor did i say anything about my choices being better than him.  i just mentioned that he probably wouldn’t know them, listed off a few, and of course he didn’t have any clue who i was talking about.

but, on the up-side, i had about 10 compliments on my gold timex. fantastico.


annnnnnd, off to Cal-ee-for-nigh-ay for a week starting tomorrow. yeeeeehaw.

i forgot to mention about a man i served at the ice cream store the other night.

he was easily in his mid forties. he came in with his wife, and two sons, who were probably 11 or 12, and who both ordered their own banana split (unnecessary).  he was wearing a v.neck-ish red polyester shirt of sorts that was awful and unbuttoned so all his chest fur was popping out.  he had a tom selleck  mustache, and curly-ish hair. and then, i happened to look down…


he had on the SHORTEST JEAN SHORTS i have ever seen.  not cut-offs. just jean short-shorts. like, the length that even i would be slightly hesitant to wear, and i have been known to sport shorter-shorts in my day.  perhaps if he were a twenty-something, shaggy-haired williamsburg hipster, riding around on a fixed gear it would have been acceptable, and perhaps, even desirable.  however, this, was not. it was creepy. and i couldn’t stop staring. 




"who wears short shorts.. daddy wears short shorts"

"who wears short shorts.. daddy wears short shorts"

thank you to for the above picture.

i cannot remember a time in the near past that i have been as angry and upset as i was (and still am) today.  i got a call from the landlord i was going to rent my apartment from for the next 10 months, saying “oh, um, i rented it already. sorry. i just got your check in the mail today, and didn’t know you still wanted it, so i gave it to someone else.  you can have the smaller one, with just a view of the building across the street that’s 10 times hotter and not as nice if you want. but it will cost you $50 more. call me back” **

i called him and went off on him, calling him the most unethical person i’ve dealt with, who makes assumptions where they shouldn’t be made, etc. then i had to backtrack so he didn’t decide to keep my check and not give me the other, shittier room.

i am so fucking pissed. is that even legal? i mean, i guess it obviously is, since there was never any written agreement or anything, but i thought i told him i wanted it, he said send a check, i sent a check, and less than a week later he gave it to someone else. does that make sense? no, i didn’t think so.  

so, now i’m in a bind. do i want to stay here, do business with such an asshat, and live in a lesser, but still new-and-better-than-others-and-also-located-downtown apartment? or go somewhere else that could be farther away, maybe not even in new london, or maybe may not be so new, just to not give him the satisfaction of seeing me stick around? i need to decide asap. any thoughts are appreciated.


in other news, i took the GRE. 540 verbal, 470 math. oops. 

i swear i’m smarter than that. i really am.

awful week in general. 


i should probably also mention that every image on this site so far has been found on

just sayin’.








**not exactly in those words in terms of describing it, but everything else is basically accurate.

we are a dying breed.

i mentioned to someone at work today how i might just go to “scotto’s” to get some dinner.  they asked me, “what’s scotto’s?”  it took me a minute to realize that they obviously would have no actual memory of it ever being anything other than coppola’s.  it changed from villa scotto’s to coppola’s while i was maybe a freshman or sophomore in high school? but we continued to call it scotto’s, and refer to it as such even today.  i think it was the juniors when we were freshmen who i remember always calling it such, and whether we did before, or just simply picked up on it, i think we were the last ones to carry on this name.

signs of the times.


also, i have never served so much rum raisin ice cream as i did today.  i’ve maybe served one every few days, but today, easily 5 in a row, with a few others scattered between.  maybe it has something to do with the weather…dreary, wet summer = rum raisin?


talking with jacques about the crazy kid with the ponytail at AMNH, i began to really think, “where did all those mystery kids from 4th grade go?”  obviously they went somewhere, but there are a ton that, in my mind, only lived to the 4th grade, and then evaporated into thin air.  even if i went to middle school with them, their existence still only appears in that of a 4th grade mindset.  Brittany D’Angio? was she one of them?  she sliced my lip open with a hockey stick in 4th grade gym class, after mr.miller specifically told us NOT to lift the sticks from the ground. oops.  and Robert Dolcelli? he was pretty quiet, and if i remember correctly, friends with Brandon Wood, who wore a coat that looked like a race car (if articles of clothing can look like automobiles), and also disappeared in my mind after grade four (even though he, specifically, left after 7th grade).  it’s these mystery kids that i wonder about.  did they graduate high school? go to college? do they have a job? did they make mistakes and accidentally have multiple children in the 12 years since i last saw them? or did they simply float away into the woods, becoming one with the mosses and leaves, never to be seen again?

i did it. i found an apartment.

so, it’s 100% official that i’ll be living in new london, working in mystic, and playing with fun people….but let me tell you a little bit about the apartment first.

  1. it’s new.  they gutted the building and have spent the last 5 years re-furnishing everything from heat to water to hardwood floors etc.  but, even though appliances and everything are all new, the building still has it’s old-timey charm.
  2. i’m in a studio on the top floor.  it’s a walk up, which will be awful moving in with all the furniture, but it has a great view of the docks and water, as well as downtown, and there’s roof access (though, i don’t know if they want us on the roof…), as well as a wonderful cross breeze, so i probably won’t need an AC.
  3. the room isn’t square…it has all these cutouts, so i can fashion myself a little “bedroom” area, separate from the living space. which is going to be awesome.
  4. it’s right near thai, sushi, indian, coffee, organic food, train, 10293 bars, z’s place, etc.
  5. i am so excited
  6. i don’t know why i’m still listing
  7. oh yeah, they’re building a rooftop patio on the 2nd floor so tenants can hang outside and grill and hang out and stuff…





Sitting on the plane, even though i don’t get internet service (OBVIOUSLY). the flight from chicago to laguardia was delayed by almost 2 hours, 1 of which was spent almost entirely on the runway just sitting. worst ever. well, not ever, but in a long time.


there aren’t that many clouds out, and it’s dusk, so the sky is inky blue, but still some orange/red in the far far distance. there are hardly any clouds, except way down below, and you can see the orange lights from the cities blinking under them.


there’s a kid sitting in front of me who keeps twitching and bouncing around.  he spoke normally to me, asking what time the flight was supposed to leave, but he sounds ridiculous to everyone else he talks to, like he’s a total nutjob. and he just keeps writing down music on liner paper. and staring.  he’s blonde with crazy hair and tons of freckles, etc, and i realized if he had dark hair, i’d probably be hitting on him, but right now he just weirds me out. maybe i shouldn’t be so skeptical of guys. i should just go with it. but not this one.  he keeps sticking his hand over the seat (he’s sitting in front of me) and feeling up the back of his chair. bizarrrrrrrrre.



also, totally watching the babysitters club movie. have not seen this in years. Luca, the swiss cousin is such a babe. TOTALLY.



**he just turned around and stared again. nice.**


“children will be children.  even animals must be allowed to be children.”  — Elling



Plastic surgery…dogs, Schnauzers, Pitbulls… shoes, shoelaces…chateaus…sunglasses, Blublockers…rivers, lakes, fields…Africa, elephants…astronauts… money, muscles, the moon, Maine…rings, roads, rats, the color red…the sun, kids, ants, honey, Egypt…all kinds of things...

oh hey…

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