i did it. i found an apartment.

so, it’s 100% official that i’ll be living in new london, working in mystic, and playing with fun people….but let me tell you a little bit about the apartment first.

  1. it’s new.  they gutted the building and have spent the last 5 years re-furnishing everything from heat to water to hardwood floors etc.  but, even though appliances and everything are all new, the building still has it’s old-timey charm.
  2. i’m in a studio on the top floor.  it’s a walk up, which will be awful moving in with all the furniture, but it has a great view of the docks and water, as well as downtown, and there’s roof access (though, i don’t know if they want us on the roof…), as well as a wonderful cross breeze, so i probably won’t need an AC.
  3. the room isn’t square…it has all these cutouts, so i can fashion myself a little “bedroom” area, separate from the living space. which is going to be awesome.
  4. it’s right near thai, sushi, indian, coffee, organic food, train, 10293 bars, z’s place, etc.
  5. i am so excited
  6. i don’t know why i’m still listing
  7. oh yeah, they’re building a rooftop patio on the 2nd floor so tenants can hang outside and grill and hang out and stuff…