talking with jacques about the crazy kid with the ponytail at AMNH, i began to really think, “where did all those mystery kids from 4th grade go?”  obviously they went somewhere, but there are a ton that, in my mind, only lived to the 4th grade, and then evaporated into thin air.  even if i went to middle school with them, their existence still only appears in that of a 4th grade mindset.  Brittany D’Angio? was she one of them?  she sliced my lip open with a hockey stick in 4th grade gym class, after mr.miller specifically told us NOT to lift the sticks from the ground. oops.  and Robert Dolcelli? he was pretty quiet, and if i remember correctly, friends with Brandon Wood, who wore a coat that looked like a race car (if articles of clothing can look like automobiles), and also disappeared in my mind after grade four (even though he, specifically, left after 7th grade).  it’s these mystery kids that i wonder about.  did they graduate high school? go to college? do they have a job? did they make mistakes and accidentally have multiple children in the 12 years since i last saw them? or did they simply float away into the woods, becoming one with the mosses and leaves, never to be seen again?