i cannot remember a time in the near past that i have been as angry and upset as i was (and still am) today.  i got a call from the landlord i was going to rent my apartment from for the next 10 months, saying “oh, um, i rented it already. sorry. i just got your check in the mail today, and didn’t know you still wanted it, so i gave it to someone else.  you can have the smaller one, with just a view of the building across the street that’s 10 times hotter and not as nice if you want. but it will cost you $50 more. call me back” **

i called him and went off on him, calling him the most unethical person i’ve dealt with, who makes assumptions where they shouldn’t be made, etc. then i had to backtrack so he didn’t decide to keep my check and not give me the other, shittier room.

i am so fucking pissed. is that even legal? i mean, i guess it obviously is, since there was never any written agreement or anything, but i thought i told him i wanted it, he said send a check, i sent a check, and less than a week later he gave it to someone else. does that make sense? no, i didn’t think so.  

so, now i’m in a bind. do i want to stay here, do business with such an asshat, and live in a lesser, but still new-and-better-than-others-and-also-located-downtown apartment? or go somewhere else that could be farther away, maybe not even in new london, or maybe may not be so new, just to not give him the satisfaction of seeing me stick around? i need to decide asap. any thoughts are appreciated.


in other news, i took the GRE. 540 verbal, 470 math. oops. 

i swear i’m smarter than that. i really am.

awful week in general. 


i should probably also mention that every image on this site so far has been found on ffffound.com

just sayin’.








**not exactly in those words in terms of describing it, but everything else is basically accurate.