i forgot to mention about a man i served at the ice cream store the other night.

he was easily in his mid forties. he came in with his wife, and two sons, who were probably 11 or 12, and who both ordered their own banana split (unnecessary).  he was wearing a v.neck-ish red polyester shirt of sorts that was awful and unbuttoned so all his chest fur was popping out.  he had a tom selleck  mustache, and curly-ish hair. and then, i happened to look down…


he had on the SHORTEST JEAN SHORTS i have ever seen.  not cut-offs. just jean short-shorts. like, the length that even i would be slightly hesitant to wear, and i have been known to sport shorter-shorts in my day.  perhaps if he were a twenty-something, shaggy-haired williamsburg hipster, riding around on a fixed gear it would have been acceptable, and perhaps, even desirable.  however, this, was not. it was creepy. and i couldn’t stop staring. 




"who wears short shorts.. daddy wears short shorts"

"who wears short shorts.. daddy wears short shorts"

thank you to http://www.flickr.com/photos/kristaleigh04/ for the above picture.