i spent all of last weekend at the Penn State arts festival with my mother, my 2 friends, and their mother. mothers and daughters stormed state college. we do it every year (by we, i mean my immediate family), and this is the first year i can remember not having my dad there with us (notable, as he’s the reason we always go, since he graduated from there).  it was fun, and different, and of course, i HAD to go to the bar on saturday night, which means i HAD to to play catch up, which means i HAD to drink more than necessary, which means i HAD to have a hangover when i woke up the next morning, which means i HAD to puke in the parking lot of a church as we were leaving town.  obviously.

i was actually called pretentious at the bar by some guy who asked what kind of music i was into. i told him, and he’s like, well, you’re pretentious now, aren’t you.  ???  i never said anything about judging him for what he listened to, nor did i say anything about my choices being better than him.  i just mentioned that he probably wouldn’t know them, listed off a few, and of course he didn’t have any clue who i was talking about.

but, on the up-side, i had about 10 compliments on my gold timex. fantastico.


annnnnnd, off to Cal-ee-for-nigh-ay for a week starting tomorrow. yeeeeehaw.