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possibly one of the strangest ebay listings i’ve seen in a while

don’t even ask how i navigated to it.


the woman at work who is technically my boss has been away from work for the past week.  when she walked in today, she said

“oh! i’m so glad to see you here! i had a dream that you quit and no one told me!”

i asked her, why did i quit in your dream?

her reply?

“oh, well, apparently, your friends at F.I.T. told you that you weren’t cataloging correctly, so you decided to quit and do something with them.”

i died laughing.

the perks of living in the heart of downtown keep adding up.

yesterday, the afternoon was spent eating at an organic cafe, walking to the waterfront, watching traditional scottish folk dances, and listening to traditional irish music while the cutest, oldest woman ever danced around.


we just found out at work that there’s a 99% chance that starting december 1st and going to through to mid march, well be getting every monday off of work in an attempt for the museum to cut down on heating costs, etc.  though we still need to then fit in 35 hrs in 4 days, if i’m able to work from home (which i should be able to), it will be fantastic.


additionally, i was able to finally go back into the collections at the museum the other day. incredible! whale jaws and baleen and scrimshaw and model ships and antique dresses and silver prize cups for racing and inuit spears and a NARWHAL TUSK/TOOTH.

utterly fantastic.


and the ice cream store didn’t work out. i won’t go into detail, but it’s for the best.


i really need to get my act together and finish cleaning/putting this place together. it’s ridiculous.

i blame the olympics.

but tonight, i steamed an artichoke! and it was delicious!  and then, i made banana chocolate chip muffins!

yeah, sure, you can call me suzy homemaker.

too bad he was stolen from me..

too bad he was stolen from me..

i am one

i did it. i just cannot stay away.  maybe, subconsciously, i really do enjoy smelling like a giant sugar cone when i come home at night. or maybe i like being super sweet to people i don’t know.  or maybe i like being sticky from dried fudge and caramel.  

whatever the reason is, i did it again.  i applied to work at another ice cream store….definitely nothing like zita’s, but it’s the type of job that i’m sure no matter where i go, i’ll be able to do it fairly easily.  i’ve been doing it for so long, that by this point, most of it is mindless and i am able to just go through the motions without thinking too hard; something that will be much appreciated after i come back from trying to enter unknown photographers from tahiti and nature painters from scotland into a terrifyingly tricky database all day. 

we’ll see if i get offered the job tomorrow.  lord knows i could use the extra cash.


i need to start doing some art again.  i’m considering making some card sets and trying to get them uploaded to either an etsy shop, or selling them at I AM this year…or maybe just framing things. i don’t know.  another thought was submitting an idea for a dayplanner to little otsu…perhaps if it’s good and they really like it, they’d pick it up.  we’ll see….secrets for now.

i’ve been a cooking fiend so far.  aside from the coconut-curry shrimp, i’ve done fried rice, pasta with shrimp, peppers and onions, that delicious haricot vert/almond/goat cheese dish, etc.  AND! i bought a muffin pan today (so terribly exciting, i know), so now i can make some banana muffins! the baking starts tomorrow! (oh, the excitement that comes when you live by yourself…)


and now, the moment you’ve been waiting for….pictures of my nest.  mind you, more will be changing, but this is it so far…………here you go!


standing in the "kitchen" looking at the "windows/living room/bedroom"

looking at the "living room/bedroom"

looking at my bed/bookcase

looking at my bed/bookcase

 yes. i have mini-antlers over he bed.

and yes, i still sleep with a dinosaur and a nose-less bear.

though i have yet to leave my apartment today, this has been the most productive i’ve been since i got here…i’m finally almost done unpacking, and i’ve been spending the rest of my time looking up recipes and doing budgeting for the mini wages i’m making.

speaking of, i’m thinking of applying to work at the ice cream store down town. i mean, i think with the minimal experience i have, i might have a chance at a job

i also made coconut shrimp curry for dinner last night.  definitely some kinks i can work out with it, but overall, it was pretty successful.   

i cannot wait for others to come back. it will be great.


the entire alley way of green street (btwn northern indian and mangetout) smells like indian food. totally delicious and totally inappropriate at 9:30 in the morning. makes me want to eat it all day, every day.


instead, i lunched with blake and eric. we got a sushi boat, and saw the tallest, skinniest boy ever walking across the street.  after eric went to get an organic haircut (?) blake and i saw this boy 2 more times.

total white rabbit.



poor jenny, indeed. that’s one mean black eye…

i have officially made the move to my new nest.  i’m still in the process of finding homes for all my misc. things, but i’m making progress.  it’s breezy, high (4th floor! all stairs!), quiet, and lovely. i’ve been cooking, including sauteed cauliflower last night, and green beans with almonds and goat cheese tonight.  i’ll try to post pictures as soon as i’m finished cleaning and putting everything away


i’m also done with day 3 of work at the seaport.  it was overwhelming at first, but i think i’m starting to get the hang of things.  basically, my job consists of:


  1. look at pictures (generally of “savage polynesian natives”)
  2. figure out either who they are, where it was taken, what they are wearing, etc, or any combination of those
  3. figure out approx. what year it is from
  4. put all this info into a database
i will be moving on to do other things besides pictures later on. 
it’s perfect for a research-nerd like me.
also: every tuesday is donut day, every other friday is happy hour after work with the others in the CRC, a chocolate box behind my desk, and there’s a staff picnic in 2 weeks.
with the windows open, i hear the boats, and smell the water. i feel like i’m at the ocean when i’m in bed.
it’s heaven.

Plastic surgery…dogs, Schnauzers, Pitbulls… shoes, shoelaces…chateaus…sunglasses, Blublockers…rivers, lakes, fields…Africa, elephants…astronauts… money, muscles, the moon, Maine…rings, roads, rats, the color red…the sun, kids, ants, honey, Egypt…all kinds of things...

oh hey…

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