i have officially made the move to my new nest.  i’m still in the process of finding homes for all my misc. things, but i’m making progress.  it’s breezy, high (4th floor! all stairs!), quiet, and lovely. i’ve been cooking, including sauteed cauliflower last night, and green beans with almonds and goat cheese tonight.  i’ll try to post pictures as soon as i’m finished cleaning and putting everything away


i’m also done with day 3 of work at the seaport.  it was overwhelming at first, but i think i’m starting to get the hang of things.  basically, my job consists of:


  1. look at pictures (generally of “savage polynesian natives”)
  2. figure out either who they are, where it was taken, what they are wearing, etc, or any combination of those
  3. figure out approx. what year it is from
  4. put all this info into a database
i will be moving on to do other things besides pictures later on. 
it’s perfect for a research-nerd like me.
also: every tuesday is donut day, every other friday is happy hour after work with the others in the CRC, a chocolate box behind my desk, and there’s a staff picnic in 2 weeks.
with the windows open, i hear the boats, and smell the water. i feel like i’m at the ocean when i’m in bed.
it’s heaven.