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here is the fun little experiment i was talking about with people earlier.  can you spot a fake vs. real smile?

i did surprisingly well.


in other news, i made 2 noodle kugels for tonight’s adorable rosh hashanah dinner. total kugel kick.

and now? i’m laying in bed looking at craigslist personal ads. what a life.


photo by emilie bjork

photo by emilie bjork

she takes the most adorable pictures. seriously.




nooooo! Portland Museum of Art is currently searching for a new curator of Northwest Art! wahhhhhh! why can’t they just wait 8 months – 2 years?

boo hiss.

i’ve told people that when i have kids, i want to design their beds myself, and make them look like a nest, or a giant walnut shell or something. i just think that’s cute, to see little sleeping people inside of nuts and nests.

but this is much more feasible:  there’s this french company called Smarin Design that manufactures these things called “livingstones“.  they are these large “stones” that are essentially pillows, but are so beautiful and natural looking, and totally adorable to just lounge around on.  just look!

Through cataloging items at the museum, I’ve come across some pretty interesting things…letters hidden behind daguerreotype photographs, ivory inlaid sewing boxes, carved figurines…

But, I think that what I did today tops the charts for the most bizarre, and slightly disturbing thing…

a Glass Clyster Syringe.

I’ll let you read what that actually is.

Mind you, there was no label anywhere on it, or on the box it came in, so I had to do my own internet research to figure out exactly what it was…and some of the images that came up in the search were not things I’d like to see on a regular basis, let alone while at work.

eeeeh.  I’m going to go sterilize my hands in boiling water now.

i decided to come home this weekend very last minute.  i booked a ticket, flew out of work early, packed my bags, and jumped on the amtrak train to Penn Station.

the train was super crowded, so i had to sit with some guy who joked about letting me wear his shoes (??).  i started to read, and he whipped out his computer and got busy……..playing some bizarre game called something along the lines of “Warlock IV”. it looked like a really early form of an RPG/computer/something game, and yes, i admit to peeking at his screen to see what was going on.  he’s manuever the pixilated characters around this little box of a playing screen, and directions would pop up on the side that said things like “you shout ahoy”, “you get wind in the sails”, etc.

but then.  he got a phone call, picked it up and said “HELLO LOVEY!” yes. lovey. then he started making panting noises, talking about south indian food, how much he misses her (or him, i guess), and would keep saying things like “ohhh, lovey….little lovey”.  the whole time, i was pretending to listen to my ipod, but i really had to listen.  eventually, it got to the point where i guess there was bad reception, but he said “lovey…kisses….KISSES….no, kisses….KISSES, KISSES….KISSES….NO, KISSES….yes, little lovey….kisses”

similar phone calls took place 3 more times.

One of my favorite places to lust after products is at this website.  It’s a company named Vík Prjónsdóttir from Iceland.  They are a knitwear company that designs products in reference to myths and customs of the country, and everything is utterly adorable.  Last year, I asked for the seal pelt as my birthday gift.  My dad, being the wonderful being that he is, called around and tracked it down…turns out they were selling it in a store in Brooklyn….unfortunately, it was about $300, and I (understandably) didn’t get it.  but srsly! it’s adorable! check it out!


this is another favorite! a blanked that you lay under with someone else, head to foot, with built in hoods. genius!

a skein can be:

a skein of geese
a skein of geese

Skein Relation Patches Skein Relation Patches
salmon skein (fish eggs still in the membrane)
salmon skein (fish eggs still in the membrane)


a skein of yarn
a skein of yarn

today was yet another well put together I AM Festival.  though i ended up going later, and unfortunately missing Martha Wainwright, it was successful overall, and i commend all who were involved in the planning process.


BUT. while i was there, it happened again…show crushes.  the person that you randomly glance at as they glance at you, and you both have an awkward eye contact moment, but you realize that neither of you are too heinous looking, and by the end of the show, not only have you inched closer to them and continually sneak glances in their direction, but you’ve gone through an entire courtship, dating, breakup, get back together, marriage, family, old age, etc. with them. in your head. 

i’m not crazy, i swear. but doesn’t this always happen? or maybe it’s just me.


mine today was a guy with a full beard and dark hair and a bandana. 


everyone knows i’m a sucker for facial hair.

i’ve introduced the whole ships plans office to Married to the Sea

they love it so much.


oh my goodness. i was reading the new york times today and came across the article on the tiny house movement.

it sounds absolutely lovely and glorious and i really think that i would have no problem living in one of these or one of these (preferably the latter).

too cute.

Plastic surgery…dogs, Schnauzers, Pitbulls… shoes, shoelaces…chateaus…sunglasses, Blublockers…rivers, lakes, fields…Africa, elephants…astronauts… money, muscles, the moon, Maine…rings, roads, rats, the color red…the sun, kids, ants, honey, Egypt…all kinds of things...

oh hey…

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