today was yet another well put together I AM Festival.  though i ended up going later, and unfortunately missing Martha Wainwright, it was successful overall, and i commend all who were involved in the planning process.


BUT. while i was there, it happened again…show crushes.  the person that you randomly glance at as they glance at you, and you both have an awkward eye contact moment, but you realize that neither of you are too heinous looking, and by the end of the show, not only have you inched closer to them and continually sneak glances in their direction, but you’ve gone through an entire courtship, dating, breakup, get back together, marriage, family, old age, etc. with them. in your head. 

i’m not crazy, i swear. but doesn’t this always happen? or maybe it’s just me.


mine today was a guy with a full beard and dark hair and a bandana. 


everyone knows i’m a sucker for facial hair.