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i wish i could be in NYC to see this on friday. that’s always been one of my favorite movie scenes (here). to some extent, it reminds me of this, but minus the emphasis on equality between genders, race and class, and with a bit more soul…

ehhh. kind of.


i came across this/these dance video(s) this weekend, and haven’t stopped watching them (do you see a trend in how obsessive i become over new things that i enjoy? yeah…)

but see for yourself. it’s incredible.

only reconfirms my desire to be a dancer.

Queens For a Day, Part I

Queens For a Day, Part 2

Queens For a Day, Part 3

Queens For a Day, Part 4

for more information on the piece, click here

around the beginning of march this past year, i started getting really sassy, anonymous e-cards sent to me.  i just came across them as i was cleaning out my inbox from the college email account, and realized that i never found out who sent them….and i really want to know.

so, if by chance you know who sent them (most likely no one who reads this will), please just tell me.


I mean, this totally could have been us, had you told me who you were...... (imgae from

seriously, every time i come back to my apartment (which is almost always post midnight), i see something totally unexpected.  last night, the skunk and the garbage, as well as the creepshow who tried to talk to me…


but tonight, as i got out of my car, i heard this really beautiful music being played on a piano.  it was a little tinny in sound, and definitely wonky with the tuning, but that only made it more interesting.  i couldn’t really tell where it was coming from, as it was echoing off all of the buildings on the street, but soon realized that it was actually right across from where i parked.  there was a piano on the side of the road, probably to be thrown out (it was at the back of caruso’s music store), and playing on it was someone.  i couldn’t tell if it was a man or a woman, or their age, or anything about them at all…the only thing that i could see was a dark outline at this piano, and beautiful music coming from it.




i also just acquired about $140 worth of music.

thanks WCNI.


product of

product of




nearly avoided disaster. skunks in downtown new london? at midnight? and men rolling up and saying “hey, you lost, baby?” as i’m outside of my apartment?





this is BRILLIANT, and totally necessary. 

i plan on putting this into effect as immediately as possible.

though, knowing me and my poor math skills (yes, sometimes i still need to use my fingers to add…), they’ll think i’m drunk even at times when i’m dead sober.  better safe than sorry…

phase 1 of halloween costume complete.

now i’m just waiting for the underwear.


this morning is one of those where you wake up with your nose and/or fingers freezing, as they’ve been exposed all night, but the rest of you is superwarm.  I finally had to shut my window again for the first time in weeks because it was so chilly out…and, busting out the second comforter for my bed is a telltale sign that (fingers crossed) this indian summer, or whatever you’d like to call it, is overrrrrrrrrrr. finally time for coats and scarves and hats and gloves. well, maybe not quite. but getting there.


the other day, i walked down the stairs to leave the apartment, and at the bottom of them, in the landing, i saw that the landlord had decided to hang two HUGE mirrors on the wall. facing the stairs. so whenever you come down, you are the first thing you see…well, you.  but the thing is, the two mirrors, all huge and gilded, are next to each other, but aren’t lined up so they hang at different heights and it’s awkward and yikes.  too much


Lykke Li. go listen. or here. listen/watch here:

and with Bon Iver!!!! yikes!


i must credit jacques for showing me these.  well, credit, and then blame, because they’re all i’ve been listening to/watching for the past 2 days.


just discovered that the supercable package that mums and pops got for home includes “the n” which is essentially 24hour degrassi fest, so i spend my time in a puffy bed watching and watching and watching.


lately when showering and even post showering, i notice that i’m loosing an incredible amount of hair. not so much that it shows or anything. just enough to probably spin into hairyarn and make a hairsweater out of. though, i don’t think it would look too good when it got wet…it would just curl up into an unwearable hairsweater ball.

i think my dad once had a patient who collected their dog’s fur and had a sweater made out of it. probably smelled of dogsmellz. ehh.

quiet lyfe was all that was expected, and a little more (as alwayz).  sudden changes in plans result in additional 2 shows for me. which is good, especiall when it sandwiches a very non-exciting burfday age.

wuhhhh? dnzing cakes on tv? latenight is getting weirddddd.

ain't it the truth? story of my lyfe.

ain’t it the truth?

story of my lifeeeeeeeeee…………….





Plastic surgery…dogs, Schnauzers, Pitbulls… shoes, shoelaces…chateaus…sunglasses, Blublockers…rivers, lakes, fields…Africa, elephants…astronauts… money, muscles, the moon, Maine…rings, roads, rats, the color red…the sun, kids, ants, honey, Egypt…all kinds of things...

oh hey…

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