this morning is one of those where you wake up with your nose and/or fingers freezing, as they’ve been exposed all night, but the rest of you is superwarm.  I finally had to shut my window again for the first time in weeks because it was so chilly out…and, busting out the second comforter for my bed is a telltale sign that (fingers crossed) this indian summer, or whatever you’d like to call it, is overrrrrrrrrrr. finally time for coats and scarves and hats and gloves. well, maybe not quite. but getting there.


the other day, i walked down the stairs to leave the apartment, and at the bottom of them, in the landing, i saw that the landlord had decided to hang two HUGE mirrors on the wall. facing the stairs. so whenever you come down, you are the first thing you see…well, you.  but the thing is, the two mirrors, all huge and gilded, are next to each other, but aren’t lined up so they hang at different heights and it’s awkward and yikes.  too much


Lykke Li. go listen. or here. listen/watch here:

and with Bon Iver!!!! yikes!


i must credit jacques for showing me these.  well, credit, and then blame, because they’re all i’ve been listening to/watching for the past 2 days.