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ok, i cannot take credit for finding this…it was actually sent my way by Mr. Adams, so he’s the one to thank (thank you, kind sir!).  

it’s an amazing photo-documentary of Jonathan Harris, and his trip to the northernmost areas of Alaska during the season in which they are legally allowed to hunt a small number of bowhead whales.  They are such bizarre creatures…baleen, huge heads, oddly shaped mouths, funny eyes.  I have such a hard time conceptualizing what their skeleton must look like, or, rather, what their skull must look like.

yes, these are things i think about.


anyway, if you get a chance, check out the site, and some of the other ones by Harris.  Especially try to read his bio.  The first sentence starts out “Combining elements of computer science, anthropology, visual art and storytelling, Jonathan Harris designs systems to explore and explain the human world.”  I only wish that one day, I can do something as interesting as any of the many things he’s done. Art. Anthropology. Human Behavior. Storyteling. everything i love and would love to be surrounded by.  I’m in awe. srsly.


ok. enough excessive fawning. it’s time for a long drive home.




yikes, MAJOR.

so, i came across this article today at work while looking up information on a jewelery store (which happens to be right below it).

APPARENTLY, there was a huge rumble between a few sophomores (6) and freshmen (they say 300-400. i say that’s ridiculous) on the Columbia Campus in 1901.  The administration thought that it was so awful, that they had to draw up a set of resolutions to try and prevent it from happening again.  As far as new rules of upperclassmen, they were told just not to haze anyone, and no fighting in the street or on campus.  The freshmen, however, were told the following:

  1. “Freshmen shall not smoke pipes unless they win two out of three bouts in the annual cane spree, and then only after Feb. 22 of the year following.”
  2. “Freshmen shall not carry canes unless they win the annual tug-of-war, and then only after Feb.22 of the year following.”
  3. “Freshmen must keep off the grass plots of the college campus.”
  4. “Freshmen must not sit upon the ledges nor upon the steps of the library.”
  5. “Freshmen must not wear caps with preparatory school insignia.”
  6. “Freshmen must not enter the college tavern except in the company of an upperclassman.”

they then decided to issue another statement, addressing more fighting:

“Any trouble which may arise, however, will not be settled on the campus, nor on the streets around the university, but on the South Field, opposite the library.  Here, as far as the Faculty is concerned, underclassmen may hold their rushes from early morn till dewey eve.”

dewey eve?  and wasn’t the whole point of this to stop fights from breaking out? so so so weirdddddd.

seriously, what’s up with all of the stories about baby pygmy hippos in the news lately?  either they’re beginning to steal the spotlight, or i’m just more conscious of them and tend to focus on their stories.


anyway, this little guy, chico, is bigger than monifa who was in the video that i posted earlier.  however, he had decided to stop eating, and was in danger of starting to lose weight, which was just no good for him.  so what did the handlers do? they began to feed him using a hippo hand puppet. and, apparently, it works.



so cute. so pathetic. so nutz.


(you can read the full article here)

sharks in venice.

direct to dvd.


two nights ago, i had a a really intense dream, that though i can’t remember all of it, i definitely remember parts of it vividly, like how i was biking over this really long bridge that was suspended over the water (ocean?) and you could see pods of whales traveling beneath.  as they swam, they would flip their tails, and the water would come pouring over the sides of the bridge.  at one point, the bridge gave out, and we (there were other people with me, though i don’t know who) were thrown into the water and were forced to fight the currents that the whales’ tails were making…but it wasn’t scary.  just strenuous.

bizarrely enough, i woke up and read the news, and apparently there was a guy who was kiteboarding in australia who was hit in the back of the head by a whale that swam up under his kiteboard and flipped its tail.



so, because of this, whale stories:

-this is the story about the kiteboarder

-from may 2007, about how when male whales (!) sing, it’s not necessarily for mating…perhaps, it’s just to sing?

-from this past july, about how the voices of the whales are dropping lower and lower…

-from december 2006: whale…vomit??

these are the cutest mittens. ever. they are adult sized, with a child sized attachment so that you’re always automatically holding hands at all times.

i’m tempted to buy them for myself, and wear the child part (lord knows my hands would drown in the adult portion), and force people to walk around and hold my hand.

you can buy them here


hey, remember that time that i donated $20 to an anarchist organization without realizing it until i got the package in the mail filled with posters and stickers and propaganda and stuck one of the stickers that said “this phone is tapped” on the phone outside of smith?

hey, remember that other time that i was really drunk and again, unknowingly went online and ordered a book called “the gruesome acts of capitalism”, but didn’t realize it until it actually came in the mail and i could piece together what happened?


yeahh. i remember that.


here is one of my new favorite websites.  mostly because a.) i like mustaches and b.) i really liked the 19th century. here’s a preview of what you can spend hours reading:


Mustache Sandwich!!

Mustache Sandwich!!



(photo courtesy of Mustaches of the Nineteenth Century blog)


click for article on Vogue India’s controversial August article.



uh, they chose the stick as an inductee into The National Toy Hall of Fame? 



additionally, most terrifying commercial ever…well, maybe not ever. but so creepy:



ok, ok…one more then i’m done.  

i NEVER used to watch the batman tv show. however, the one time i did watch it, it was this episode, and this particular scene stuck with me (for obvious reasons).  now, whenever i think of batman, i think of this.  keep an eye out for robin (the boy wonder!) and his daring acrobatic skillz.

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