ok, i cannot take credit for finding this…it was actually sent my way by Mr. Adams, so he’s the one to thank (thank you, kind sir!).  

it’s an amazing photo-documentary of Jonathan Harris, and his trip to the northernmost areas of Alaska during the season in which they are legally allowed to hunt a small number of bowhead whales.  They are such bizarre creatures…baleen, huge heads, oddly shaped mouths, funny eyes.  I have such a hard time conceptualizing what their skeleton must look like, or, rather, what their skull must look like.

yes, these are things i think about.


anyway, if you get a chance, check out the site, and some of the other ones by Harris.  Especially try to read his bio.  The first sentence starts out “Combining elements of computer science, anthropology, visual art and storytelling, Jonathan Harris designs systems to explore and explain the human world.”  I only wish that one day, I can do something as interesting as any of the many things he’s done. Art. Anthropology. Human Behavior. Storyteling. everything i love and would love to be surrounded by.  I’m in awe. srsly.


ok. enough excessive fawning. it’s time for a long drive home.