oops. back. my bad.


so, because seaport administration is JUST SO GREAT, they decided to give us off the entire week, paid. can’t complain about that.


as much as i like home, it’s always strange to come back, especially after living on my own for so long. feel like i’m 17 again, and just got back from soccer practice or a track meet. but, instead of practicing for band or doing homework, etc, i’m sitting around listening to music and patrolling ebay for bad things and looking up all the shows i NEED to go to (see list below). 

oh yeah. and applying to grad schoolz. minor detail.

speaking of school, APPARENTLY, NYU decided to do a review of the visual culture M.A. and PhD, and therefore won’t be offering admission for the fall ’09 semester (which is basically the ’09-’10 year, since admission is only offered for fall anyway). and they decide to tell me a month before the app is due. ! thanks ! much appreciated guyzz!

so, instead, i’ve decided to apply to the Visual Culture: Costume Studies program there instead. which, the more i look at, the more excited i get for it. though, i’d be happy with any program…it’s just at this point, i’d prefer to be in NYC. closer to CT, closer to home, closer to kidz, etc.


unrelated: every year, i make my own holiday cards to give out.  last year is was the gnome/food coloring bottle one.  a few years ago, it was the christmas jew thing.  this year, i drew two images and decided to be classy and have them printed instead of just copied off my copier.  so, i brought them to staples (the pinnacle of class) to get copies made.  50 copies of 2 separate images (using my original drawings). yet, i go to pick them up, they only have 50 of one image, and claim the other drawing was never there, etc…long story short, they lost it, felt bad, i drew another, they copied it, gave me 100 cards for free, plus $40 in gift certificates to staples for all of my office supply needs.  great.



  • 1/30 – Orpheum Theater: Andrew Bird
  • 2/2 – Webster Hall: Lykke Li
  • 2/7 –  The Kitchen: Final Fantasy
  • 2/18 – Somerville Theater : M.Ward 
  • 2/25 – Webster Hall : Born Ruffians
  • 3/13 – Club Hell: A.C. Newman / Dent May
  • 3/15 or 3/22 or 3/29 – Philip Glass and “friends” at City Winery

alert me if interest in joining for any… s.v.p.

(more to come)

and now, a picture of me on sunday night:



found on ffffound.com

found on ffffound.com