so, i really do love the website


however, i do have a small bone to pick with it/them?  i know they’re swamped, i know they probably have hundreds upon hundreds of submissions, etc, yet i’ve submitted the same one twice, and it has yet to make an appearance….even though there are a million “i love you more than edward cullen” or “i love you more than barack obama”‘s….


oh well. that’s what you get for loving someone more than really random things.

sorry i sound like such a brat.


the other day, while SCP4 went for a run, i tromped through the muck around harkness park.  i was able to finish up my roll of 120 film with my diana+, and today loaded it with 35mm film and my new back…i can’t wait to send out the 120 film and see how great/awful my photography skills are (i’m thinking they’re going to be more the latter than the former).  WE SHALL SEE.


mine! mine mine mine!

mine! mine mine mine!