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got into NYU-Costume Studies!

three for three, waiting to hear back from Columbia…


but even if that one’s a no-go, i’m pretty sure i know where i’ll be next year.



so, i ran my second 5k this weekend.  it was absolutely POURING during my warmup 2 mile, and i came back looking like i had just showered.  cute.  thankfully, i was smart enough to bring 3 changes of clothes, and it wasn’t raining nearly as hard during the actual race.  i wore my new racing shoes, and though i was worried my feet were going to get torn apart in them (due to new-ness and wet-ness), they were absolutely awesome.  i finished in 25:41 (8:17/mi average, though first mile was 7:20…oops).

can’t wait to do it again.

then drank a lot of whiskey.

again, oops.

i’m absolutely loving this website.  the pictures are incredible, and i just love the idea.

additionally, i am determined to figure out (by ear, obviously) the guitar part of this guitar/ukulele ridiculousness….Two Weeks by Grizzly Bear, as covered by Ruby Weapon (thanks to forcetengale for bringing this to light…go to his site to hear such beautiful sounds)

when i go for runs in the morning, i often make friends with dogs and the owners who walk them.  the other day, i met a large portuguese water dog, black, and in need of a haircut.  i didn’t quite catch his name, but after i pet him, he jumped straight into the air! like a bunny! it was adorable! and then i saw him do it again as i passed them while continuing my run later on…

kind of like this!

except, there was no bed.

maybe next time.

prompted by miss liz , with questions originally found at This Joy + Ride


on my nightstand:

  • Bed by Tao Lin
  • V. by Thomas Pynchon
  • 5 Novels by Daniel Pinkwater
  • Norwegian in 10 Minutes a Day
  • High Points in Anthropology


am currently loving:

  • Smartfood popcorn
  • Sigur Ros playing in a cafe, over at La Blogotheque
  • early morning runs around Fort Trumbull
  • callouses forming on fingers from guitar
  • seeing daylight when i leave work (no more flashlight needed!)
  • making friends with dogs on my runs
  • caring friends


what inspires you about spring?

  • seeing people out on the streets earlier in the morning
  • little leaf-buds on the trees
  • opening my giant windows


what are three constants in your day?

  • laying in bed (post alarm going off) and watching Good Morning America
  • making lists of things i need to do (usually  not getting close to doing any of them)
  • drawing something.  anything.


three dishes that you find yourself cooking over and over:

  • brownies
  • roasted carrots
  • mushroom/asparagus/ricotta tart

+ threw in the track meet this weekend, unattached

– threw like crap

+ hung out at the pink house on saturday night…and actually had so much fun, in addition to necessary mini-chats. hopefully things will continue to be good.

– was so hungover all day sunday. oops.

+ ran 10.1 miles on sunday! my first double-digit run!

– unfortunately, hangover made me feel absolutely awful pre- and post- run.

+ went to bed at 9:30 and slept ’till 7:30!

– apartment is a disaster area, and i can’t bring myself to do anything about it

+ took out the trash, though, which was making the place smell god-awful….!

– anxiously waiting to hear back from 2.5 grad schools

+ making eggplant parm tonight!

– have so many projects to finish

+have so many ideas for so many projects!

+getting so much better at guitar!

clearly, the +’s outweigh the -‘s.

as i was driving to the grocery store from track practice, a car pulled out in front of me and started speeding down the road.  next thing i know, i see what i think is a leaf blowing, and the car drives over it…yet, as i get closer, i see it’s twitching.


it’s a squirrel.


i felt so awful, but i didn’t have the heart to drive over it and put it out of its misery.

i don’t know which is worse…going over it with my own car, or letting it be (to die a long, slow death).


i feel awful.

it was a week(end) of firsts for me. included were:

-running my first 5k road race

-getting stuck behind a wheelchair during said road race for the first minute

-running a workout of 9 mi.

-throwing for the first time outside since last may

-getting into grad school (still waiting to hear from 3 others)

-making a pod of origami whales

-standing up for myself, and confronting someone about something that was really not cool

(seriously, i never do this)




again, sorry i’ve been boring. i’m working on it. i promise.


this is when my bear-friend came to visit. we always have fun together (me me me mine mine mine)

this is when my bear-friend came to visit. we always have fun together (me me me mine mine mine)

is it just me, or are macarons taking over the internet?


i subscribe to 200+ blogs, many of them food and fashion, and in the past month, i have had SO MANY POSTINGS about macarons! pictures! recipes! stories! the perfect one!



?!!! will someone explain the sudden fascination?   it’s not that i’m a hater…i’ve never had one.

i just don’t know why NOW, of all times, they’re so popular?

unless they’ve always been this cool, and i never noticed.

which is very possible.



pardon my apparent disappearance.

i’ve been consumed with thoughts on other things for the past week, and haven’t been giving attention to this, so my apologies.

on a good note, i’m making great things.

i’ll be back soon. promise.

creepy....found via

creepy....found via

my mom and i are creepily similar.

the other day, she sends me a text (because she’s technologically adorable like that), and said “we just had delicious eggplant parm for dinner…what did you have?”


i had made the same thing for myself.




on another note:  miley cyrus? seriously?  oh wait, i forgot. you’re the coolest because you’re sponsored by disney. oops. my bad. sorry.

sometimes, i’m not sure if i wish i shared my apartment with roommates or not.  it gets lonely sometimes, but other times, like this morning, i’m pretty sure it’s a good thing i’m alone.

reason:  as i was sitting in bed, eating my goopy, watery, coffee flavored yogurt (which tastes a whole lot better than it sounds or appears), i started looking through the cats in sinks website.  it’s almost identical to the random kitten generator, except it’s scope is much narrower, as it focuses strictly on felines lounging in wash basins.  but, being so close to the RKG, and knowing how much better that site is when viewed in conjunction to listening to “the waltz of the sugar plum fairy”, i found it only necessary to select a musical score for the cats in the sinks.  choice?  tchaikovsky’s “waltz eugene” (is it just me, or does my friend P.I.T. have a knack for writing scores which go perfectly to stupid internet sites dedicated to strange cats?)

i was laughing so hard, i cried, and almost dribbled the coffee yogurt all over myself and my sheets. gross.  i now have a headache, and am so thankful that no one was here to see that, because i feel without proper explanation prior to witnessing the event, i would be thought of as a total nutcase.  


but, i ask you to try it yourself.  it’s at least 8 minutes of fun.  all you need is 

(disregard the images that go with it)

and access to cats in sinks.  (it will open in a new window).


after a really rough evening/morning, this is just what i needed.

back to drawing.  i have some really neat stuff i’ve been working on.  hopefully i’ll be able to finish them before they find me frozen in this icebox of a building.

much love.


Plastic surgery…dogs, Schnauzers, Pitbulls… shoes, shoelaces…chateaus…sunglasses, Blublockers…rivers, lakes, fields…Africa, elephants…astronauts… money, muscles, the moon, Maine…rings, roads, rats, the color red…the sun, kids, ants, honey, Egypt…all kinds of things...

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