sometimes, i’m not sure if i wish i shared my apartment with roommates or not.  it gets lonely sometimes, but other times, like this morning, i’m pretty sure it’s a good thing i’m alone.

reason:  as i was sitting in bed, eating my goopy, watery, coffee flavored yogurt (which tastes a whole lot better than it sounds or appears), i started looking through the cats in sinks website.  it’s almost identical to the random kitten generator, except it’s scope is much narrower, as it focuses strictly on felines lounging in wash basins.  but, being so close to the RKG, and knowing how much better that site is when viewed in conjunction to listening to “the waltz of the sugar plum fairy”, i found it only necessary to select a musical score for the cats in the sinks.  choice?  tchaikovsky’s “waltz eugene” (is it just me, or does my friend P.I.T. have a knack for writing scores which go perfectly to stupid internet sites dedicated to strange cats?)

i was laughing so hard, i cried, and almost dribbled the coffee yogurt all over myself and my sheets. gross.  i now have a headache, and am so thankful that no one was here to see that, because i feel without proper explanation prior to witnessing the event, i would be thought of as a total nutcase.  


but, i ask you to try it yourself.  it’s at least 8 minutes of fun.  all you need is 

(disregard the images that go with it)

and access to cats in sinks.  (it will open in a new window).


after a really rough evening/morning, this is just what i needed.

back to drawing.  i have some really neat stuff i’ve been working on.  hopefully i’ll be able to finish them before they find me frozen in this icebox of a building.

much love.