1.) i wonder how joanna newsom feels about having “sprout & the bean” in a victoria’s secret push-up bra commercial…..    seriously? hmm.

2.) this past weekend was fantastic in every way.  i saw mums and pums.  i went on a beautiful, quick-paced (for me) 9.66 mile run around new london.  i spent most of sunday outside in the arboretum or on the green at conn.  i learned how to fool around on ukulele.  i bought delicious pineapple and asparagus and yogurt and chocolate at the grocery store.  started Bed by Tao Lin.  great in every way.

3.) ok, this is the biggest thing.  i finally heard back from columbia…and i got in.  never in a million trillion years did i think i’d get in (i’m pretty sure they only accept, like, 5-8 people each year).  and this is awesome!  but only adds to my confusion.  see, i’m ABSOLUTELY TERRIBLE at making decisions.  so, getting into all 4 grad programs, though completely flattering, really doesn’t help me in figuring out where i want to spend 90% of my time and effort and focus and concentration for the next 2 years.  i’ve pretty much decided i’d prefer to pass on university of washington (museum studies) and nyu (museum studies).  this leaves me 2 choices:  

  • nyu-costume studies 
  • columbia – museum anthropology

on one hand:  columbia! ivy! so selective! honored! anthropology! and museums!  but so much straight up academia.  nyu! more focus on visual culture! art integration into program! awesome! but no idea what exactly i would want to focus on/go from there.


ughhhh. and i need to decide.  FAST.       

i know that only, like, 2 people read this, but any input at all would be unbelievably fantastic.


regardless, it’s nice to know i have somewhere to be post august when seaport business comes to an end.





me me me mine mine mine
me me me mine mine mine

goodbye, winterwaterslide.  springz almost hurrr.