i’m still back and forth on the grad school dilemma.  though, i did find out that, if a full time student, the columbia program will take 1 year, not 2 like i originally thought.  great, in terms of $$$, but not so great in the sense that i have 1 less year to think about what i want to do “when i grow up” (yeah, right).

so, currently, leaning back on the side of columbia – museum anthropology.  i’m taking off work monday just to go in and literally sit on each campus and see if i feel more at home at one over an other…or maybe i’ll have some epiphany and just realize what i should do.

thanks to mr.noah, i currently have a cute thing in the vassar ARTSWAP show.  it’s being displayed next to the submissions of jax and zoe, but they seem to go together nicely.  and the artist statement that noah threw together for us is absolutely fantastic.  take a look!

this first photo is all three of our pieces together:

photo thanks to n.fowler

photo thanks to n.fowler

this is a close up of my polaroid/embroidery combo:

photo thanks to n.fowler

photo thanks to n.fowler

the artist statement is the best part.  from the brilliant mind of mr. fowler, it reads:

Dick Hebdige & Pierre Bourdieu Walk Into Coda Club…ONE OF THEM IS MISSING A SOCK
Mixed Media of Blood, Sweat, Tears & Ink on Paper, Missing Brown Sock, Found Objects, Polaroid Photograph, Needlpoint.

Jacques says: “This piece explores the challenges of transcoding a mental landscape thick with ideas onto a manageable physical space. For the past several months I have been obsessed with generating a workable artifact for my senior thesis that would condense and render instantly visible the many concepts treated therein. At the same time, it’s crucial that this artifact array them in a coherent fashion without constraining creativity or limiting options for continual redefinition. This strained semi-legible roadmap is the tangible result. The metaphoric aspect of this piece is more basic : writing a thesis quickly becomes ‘doing’ a thesis, and this act of ‘doing’, with all of its productive anxiety, came to suffuse my whole daily experience as my pervading mental environment.”
Zoe says: “IT’S A SOCK PUPPET.”
Laura says : “I did everything that Jacques did, but better. After that, I stitched this little needlepoint version of a cute picture that I took.”

utterly fantstic.

in other news, i’m getting that much closer to FINALLY getting my act together and having enough stuff to start my side project.  more details to follow when things are finalized.