it’s incredible how just being outside in a beautiful place can upgrade an “ok” day to something totally fantastic.

i was able to spend a good hour exploring the arbo with zoe and julia, when zoe took me to an area i had never seen before.  there were foundations of homes and stone walls and trees covered in vines and everything was beautiful and the sun was out and it was quiet and i wish i had my camera with me.  next time.

i’m so excited for tomorrow morning.  call me crazy, but i’m planning on getting up at 5, going for a 6 or 7 mile run, coming home, making this (from Everybody Likes Sandwiches, via For Me, For You), making a giant pot of coffee, and getting to work by 8.  productivity at its finest.

(i talk a big game…we’ll see how this goes)

but tonight? totally content, sitting on my couch, watching awful (but embarrassingly addictive) tv shows, eating baked spinach-artichoke dip (think i’ll try the vegan version next time), drawing.

seriously. so good. so good.

me me me mine mine mine

me me me mine mine mine

i will go back. any time.