let the melting begin.


after obtaining a nice base burn (yes, burn, not tan) on saturday, i felt good enough to go out and finish the job up on my roof yesterday afternoon.  my apartment was just too hot.  the butter i had put out to “soften” on my counter began to melt.  






but let me tell you…there’s very little in this world that’s nicer than sitting on top of my roof, listening to great music, drinking a beer, and embroidering a (very belated) birthday gift for Pums.


also! got my business cards in from Moo.  they are too cute (they’re the mini ones).  now, all i need to do is finish up actually making/printing up stuff, get it posted online, and i’ll be good to go to start selling.

unfortunately, i talk a big game, and while it sounds like it should only be a short while before this happens, chances are, it will be at least a month.  oh well.


additionally, i was finally able to move my office at work.  i’m no longer alone! three cheers for company!



time to go bake cookies.