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i’m the queen of inconsistency.  apologies. please accept.

the weekend/week-start was an interesting one.  it involved an impromptu trip to buffalo (7 hours, driving from 1:30 am – 8:30 am), niagara falls, indians abound, unnecessary amounts of alcohol, bandanas, spandex, painting astronauts, and attempting to continue with my art projects.

like i said.



and now, a list:

  • change of plans…was supposed to trek up to boston this afternoon/evening to catch dave eggars and his 826Boston benefit, but circumstances changed, and now, i’m no longer going.  sad, but i’m still planning on bouncing out of work early, which is nice.
  • graduation for themkidz was this past sunday.  so weird to be there, and see all these parents, and realize i’ve been out for a year (?!) and it doesn’t feel that way at all.
  • FINALLY heard back something (minor) from columbia…how to set up my email account.  but setting up an email account is something! it’s not a joke! i’m going there 4 rlzzzzz.
  • i finally did a 7 mile run yesterday.  longest one i’ve done in a while (i’ve been awful and slacking and blech).  the first 3.5 were awful, and my right leg was feeling so messed up (achy knee, and pain on outside of lower leg/shin/ankle), forcing me to hardly be able to run at anything faster than 10 min/mi. but, on my return, around mile 4, i saw this guy running ahead of me.  so, i picked up my pace to try and catch him, which i did, and then i passed him…he picked up his pace, and started following me, which brought out the competitive jerk in me.  i ended up running the next 2 miles with him behind me, at somewhere around 8:00/mi pace, which is fast for me.   i was super pleased. and, i didn’t feel sick or winded when i was done with all 7, and my leg actually felt so much better at that pace.  really weird. really great.
  • that was probably the most boring story ever. sorry.
  • if you get a chance, check out Ty Segall.  his music is awesome. total surf/garage/omgRock.  i like a lot.
  • feeling more inspired for art projects. just need to actually start/finish something.  blargh.  maybe soon (?) the store will be up? probably not.

photo by Nirrimi Joy Hakanson, found via

photo by Nirrimi Joy Hakanson, found via

this is how i want my summer to be.

laying on horses.

in the grass.

forget about him – devendra banhart

i cannot stop listening to this.

devendra banhart doing kath bloom.


so so good.



found via Knight Cat
found via Knight Cat

what a smokeshow.

i think i’m in love.


so, i use one of those google tool things that lets you see what the top google searches are that lead to your blog.

granted, i’ve had things like “ooof acronym” (?), “going totally blond” (again, ?), and “average heartbeat of a child” (???), i think the most common search is


seriously? WHY? will someone please explain what the fascination with them is? i’m not trying to put them down or anything…i just don’t get it.!!

i cannot fall asleep at night.

i cannot wake up in the morning.

it’s pretty brutal.



i still have yet to receive tangible confirmation from Columbia that I’m actually accepted in the program…I’ve only received internet recognition, which, being a month later, is making me think this is maybe all a huge joke, and i’m actually going to end up not going to grad school in the fall after all.

maybe i should call them tomorrow……?


otherwise, i’ve been pretty lame.  my life in list form:

-bought approx. 5lbs of strawberries.  will now be eating them for the next week for every meal, or until i turn into one…whichever comes first.

-running (with my new garmin!). i love it. it’s just what i needed.  i was so unmotivated to run for a while, i went from about 30mi a week to 10 or 12.  but now? i cannnnnnnnnot wait to get out with it.  no more map my run! no more estimating pace! i can know immediately!  and what my fastest paces are at certain points! 

!!! ! !!!!!!    speaking of running, i’m thinking it’s about time to sign up for another race.  we’ll see.

-guitar.  i’ve finally got the calloused fingers…hard and awesome.  i love it so much.

-was going to bake banana bread tonight, but, unfortunately, felt myself falling asleep on the sofa as my butter was softening (which means it will need to wait for another day, and my apartment will continue to smell of ripe bananas).

-apartment is a mess. can’t bring myself to clean it.  oops.

-i’ve been fooling around on photoshop.  i’m still not good, but i’ve successfully manipulated several images to create .gif files.  they’re prettttttty awesome.


i need to get my act together and finish some drawings/notebook-planner combos.   OMG.


tomorrow: bikram yoga, boners and band-aids, banana bread      (i like b’s)

i’ll be back shortly.

need to collect muh thoughtz

awful night ——> awful night’s sleep ——-> waking up at 6 ———> baking a blueberry cake.




doesn’t make it feel any better though.

Plastic surgery…dogs, Schnauzers, Pitbulls… shoes, shoelaces…chateaus…sunglasses, Blublockers…rivers, lakes, fields…Africa, elephants…astronauts… money, muscles, the moon, Maine…rings, roads, rats, the color red…the sun, kids, ants, honey, Egypt…all kinds of things...

oh hey…

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