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sorry for disappearance.

moving process is tiring and daunting and long and omg awful.

i’ll be back sometime soon.




i think (fingers crossed) that we’ve found an apartment in fort greene, brooklyn…meeting with the landlord this week sometime, and hopefully my charming ways will woo her to accept our application and we’ll be good to go.

though, i am sad to leave.

it’s strange.

additionally:  am working on some new things for the shop, and will hopefully have some news regarding such things soon…big-ish news (well, for me at least)…

last night, as i played taxi driver and drove to pick up a friend who was a town over, i did not once hit a red light…it was green the entire way though.

absolutely incredible.


working on some things for the shop…hopefully they’ll be up soon…

i will now occasionally be blogging (guest blogging, i suppose) over at the junkyard.  it’s a pretty fun place, and tons of helpful links (helpful lynx?) keep popping up over there…thanks for the invite, mr.sullivan!

some of the keyword searches that have lead to my etsy shop recently:

  • apple and pear fabric
  • buy vintage big beads handbag
  • gold chain and yarn necklace
  • hummingbird pendant
  • joel dewberry’s sunburst fabric
  • labradorite aaaa
  • peacock fascinator mini top hat (??)
  • portable file holders
  • tilly bloom etsy
  • vintage whale art

only one of these corresponds vaguely to what i have up to sell…

it’s been so hot and humid, i feel like i’m going to melt.  yesterday, i got out of my air-conditioned car with my sunglasses on, and as soon as i stepped outside, they fogged up…not cool.

it’s a strange thing when you open a book and find a love letter from an ex-boyfriend who you haven’t spoken to in ages.




in order to counter the effects of last night (too much to drink, not enough sleep, minimal productivity….though fun!), tonight will consist of :

  • cleaning the apartment
  • eating sushi (!)
  • watching “the mighty boosh” (yes, totally bought it this afternoon…)
  • starting on a new project for the etsy shop
  • guitar and/or ukulele if there’s time…

let’s see if this actually happens…

and now, 2 pictures.  no relationship…i don’t think… (all images found via

West African barbershop signs



The Truth

The Truth

  • went to the newport folk festival and had a complete blast
  • which was followed by a pirate-themed party, but was actually just folk-fest part II (ok by me)
  • saw my man (yeah. i wish) perform twice this weekend.  (i am obsessed with this song, and cannot wait for his new album to come out SEPTEMBER 29)  he is incredible and we gave him a t-shirt (a unicorn for langhorne, duh) and shook hands and all i want to do now is become a folk musician.  yeah. right.
  • bought a ukulele
  • learned how to play said ukulele

all in all, it was amazing.   everything musical really made me wish that i had stuck with piano through the end of HS, or kept up with any one of the 9million other instruments i at one time played.

in general, i envy people who are really good at one thing.  like, really good.  i’m decent at a lot of things (aka, can hold my own if necessary), but i don’t think there’s any one thing that i’m just REALLY good at.  sometimes i wish that could change.

apartment hunting in NYC continues this week.  added a third roommate, which means re-doing all searches for 3 bedroom places…hopefully williamsburg/fort greene/ clinton hill/ park slope will prove successful.

additionally, mixed feelings on many things.  working on that.

Plastic surgery…dogs, Schnauzers, Pitbulls… shoes, shoelaces…chateaus…sunglasses, Blublockers…rivers, lakes, fields…Africa, elephants…astronauts… money, muscles, the moon, Maine…rings, roads, rats, the color red…the sun, kids, ants, honey, Egypt…all kinds of things...

oh hey…

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