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ughhh. so sickkk.

birthday last weekend was fantastic, minus the fact that i picked up some nasty cold, and have been holed up in bed on and off for the past 5 days.  today is an off day.  after 2 langhorne shows in a row, i think it finally really caught up with me….i slept in to 12 this morning (afternoon?) which i NEVER, EVER do.   ughh.  

so gross.

otherwise, week was good, filled with dopplegangers, great hats, 4th generations, and old new london town.

god, i miss it.


ok. time to self medicate with cold medicine (nyquil? at 1?) and perhaps matzoh ball soup, if i’m feeling ambitious.

just a few things (can you tell i love lists?):

  • i finally made an appointment to get my hair cut tomorrow.  i’ve had my hair cut by the same woman in NJ for the past 8 years or so, and before that, only 1 other woman besides my mother.   needless to say, i’m slightly hesitant, but i figure i should just do it.  i need it badly.  we’ll see what happens…
  • walking on campus today, i was looking down at the side walk when i saw this

just chilling on the ground.  i did a double take, and was like, WTF? and then kept walking.

  • i know i keep saying i’m going to put more stuff in the shop but i will! i promise! just as soon a i’m done reading/reading/writing a paper/reading/hosting people this weekend/reading/reading. oy. (but if, by chance, anyone sees this and feels like there’s something they REALLY NEED that they don’t see, but feel i could do, let me know!!!! ! ! ! !!!!!!!!!!)
  • i made you a mix.  it’s very close to what i’ve been listening to for the past several days.  it’s good. enjoy (if you can’t see it here, click “pop-out player” to access it)!
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  1. i went to type “google” into my search bar yesterday, but pressed enter after only typing “goo” (i thought it would auto-spell/auto-enter).  instead, “goo” came up as a wikipedia article…which is actually short for “grey goo“…which is the creepiest entry:  Grey goo (alternatively spelled gray goo) is a hypothetical end-of-the-world scenario involving molecular nanotechnology in which out-of-control self-replicating robots consume all matter on Earth while building more of themselves—a scenario known as ecophagy (“eating the environment”).
  2. i have so. much. reading. to. do.
  3. apartment is almost unpacked (finally)
  4. i think i eat at least one egg every day. this is probably not good.
  5. i have so many ideas for things i want to make for the etsy shop.  hopefully i can get to work on those ASAP. it would be so nice to have a separate space for making all this stuff….
  6. this is the greatest photo. i would love to do this…

greatest. thing. ever.

greatest. thing. ever.

Plastic surgery…dogs, Schnauzers, Pitbulls… shoes, shoelaces…chateaus…sunglasses, Blublockers…rivers, lakes, fields…Africa, elephants…astronauts… money, muscles, the moon, Maine…rings, roads, rats, the color red…the sun, kids, ants, honey, Egypt…all kinds of things...

oh hey…

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