just a few things (can you tell i love lists?):

  • i finally made an appointment to get my hair cut tomorrow.  i’ve had my hair cut by the same woman in NJ for the past 8 years or so, and before that, only 1 other woman besides my mother.   needless to say, i’m slightly hesitant, but i figure i should just do it.  i need it badly.  we’ll see what happens…
  • walking on campus today, i was looking down at the side walk when i saw this

just chilling on the ground.  i did a double take, and was like, WTF? and then kept walking.

  • i know i keep saying i’m going to put more stuff in the shop but i will! i promise! just as soon a i’m done reading/reading/writing a paper/reading/hosting people this weekend/reading/reading. oy. (but if, by chance, anyone sees this and feels like there’s something they REALLY NEED that they don’t see, but feel i could do, let me know!!!! ! ! ! !!!!!!!!!!)
  • i made you a mix.  it’s very close to what i’ve been listening to for the past several days.  it’s good. enjoy (if you can’t see it here, click “pop-out player” to access it)!
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