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this year, a few of my christmas gifts involved using a wood-burning tool.  after 5 days, i’ve finally finished the burning process, only to realize that my right hand is now and orange-y brown color.

i literally smoked my hand.  oy.


these are smoked pigs ears from PETCO.  though not as wrinkly, my hand is a similar shade, and probably has the same smokey smell...ick

these are smoked pig's ears from PETCO. though my hand isn't as wrinkly or dry, it has a similar color, and probably scent. grosssssss.

currently working on the last paper for finals, thus ending my first semester of grad school.

also currently working in Avery…the art/architecture library.

totally the best place to work, as 75% of the guys are beard-y and plaid-y.

totally awesome for when i can’t look at the computer anymore.

a totally awesome slideshow from

i should be asleep.

i just can’t stop working…though i think it’s time to try.

i mapped out everything i need to do between now and december 16th. it made me sick. aslkdfjdlkf.

i will leave you with this.  it’s totally beautiful.

Plastic surgery…dogs, Schnauzers, Pitbulls… shoes, shoelaces…chateaus…sunglasses, Blublockers…rivers, lakes, fields…Africa, elephants…astronauts… money, muscles, the moon, Maine…rings, roads, rats, the color red…the sun, kids, ants, honey, Egypt…all kinds of things...

oh hey…

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