today’s like, the first really nice day in the past couple of weeks…it’s been overcast and gloomy and this week’s started off with sunshine and (slightly) warmer temperatures.  i left work early to take advantage of nice weather and go for a run.  i came back to the apartment, changed, etc, and as i was walking out the door, i saw two little green eyes looking at me from under the stairs to the apartment above me…

they belonged to a little grey cat that wouldn’t come to me, but was totally watching me.  as i walked away, it started stalking me alongside the stairs/sidewalk…i wanted to scoop it up and keep it, but decided that’s not such a good idea and an alaskan fur-friend isn’t necessarily something i need right now.

unfortunately, the run sucked.  i did 1.5 miles before i felt like i was going to vombomb everywhere.  i don’t know what’s wrong with me…i used to be able to bang out 4+ miles (usually 5 or 6) easily, running at least 9:20 pace, but usually closer to 9.

now, i can hardly finish 2 miles without feeling like i’m going to hurl, and they’re between 9:45 and 10 minute pace.  it sucks and is beyond frustrating and disheartening and i know i just need to make myself push through feeling sick but when it gets to that point, i don’t want to. ugh.