yesterday (or, what i believe to be yesterday, but might not actually be yesterday, since alaska is turning out to just be one giant timewarp), my dear friend Britt posted about some of her favorite blogs to read.  one of my favorites is that of Edith Zimmerman.  she’s brilliant and i could read her entries over and over.  they’re bizarre and terse and simple and funny and sometimes creepy but sad but wonderful all at the same time.

i highly recommend going back through all of them.

when i live alone, and know that no one is going to smell me for the weekend, i sometimes find myself slacking on the hygenic aspects of life.  this weekend was no exception, as this morning was the first shower i took in 3 days.  that’s not the story, though.  the story is, that, in the tub, i saw a bunch of tiny spiders wriggling around on the bathtub floor.  i turned on the water, said i’m sorry, but goodbye, and watched them go down the drain…except one.  apparently, this one had been trained in water combat, and refused to surrender to the stream i forced upon him.  so, i took a tissue, scooped him up, and dropped him in the toilet (i figured i’d flush after the shower so as not to mess up water pressure, etc).  i get out, dry off, go to send him out to sea, and see he’s STILL SWIMMING IN THE TOILET WATER.  WHAT THE HELL? at this point, i felt bad killing him, because he had fought so hard against all the elements. but i also didn’t want to save him and have a wet spider running around the apartment, so i sent him down the pipes.  byebye.

my mom sent me clippings from a woman’s catalogue where there are these sweaters that look like cardigans, with a shirt underneath, but are actually just one piece…it’s lazyman (woman)’s clothing.  instead of putting on a t-shirt, then the cardigan, you can just put on one top that’s actually a cardigan – tshirt 2-for-1 deal.

they’re really ugly.

mom, if you ever buy one of those, i don’t know if i can still be your daughter.  just a warning.

this is my 200th post.  i’m celebrating this evening by having laid in bed since 5pm alaska time.



while i was working yesterday, i was told that someone at the local newspaper was wondering if it would be ok to interview me.  huh?! i said that would be fine…

turns out they wanted to know why i was in wrangell, what i was doing at the museum, about my program, did i want to go on for a PhD, etc.  and then, of course, they said :

“well, before we finish up, my boss was really interested in seeing if you’d be able to talk about your last position…you interned at the museum of sex?? what was that like”.

of course, that’s what they were most interested in.

then they took a picture of me, of course, on the day that i woke up and deliberately decided it wasn’t necessary to shower, get dressed in anything more than old jeans and my ratty conn coll sweatshirt.  WONDERFUL.

more photoshop fun!

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i’m not able to get enough of Pura Fé‘s music.  she founded Ulali, and is an amazing singer/musician.  i’ve been watching youtube clips all day.  here are a few favorites.

and an interview:

adam beach.

among other roles, he played the lead in my favorite movie…Smoke Signals.  he was great as Victor Joseph, and though i know he’s been in movies and shows since then, i can’t really remember seeing him in anything else…or he being in anything i’ve seen lately.

but, since i have free netflix for a month, and like to have movies/shows playing while i’m in my apartment so i don’t feel so alone, i’ve been watching full seasons of Law & Order: SVU ( i don’t really like the other law & order shows…).  so, i’m watching season 8 (ep:12), and who should appear, but adam beach, playing the role of a brooklyn cop.  even better?  he explains at one point how his dad “built this city”…ie. he was a Mohawk steelworker.

ie. something i know a lot about being that i spent a year reading about them to do the show my class put together this spring.


(and he’s still a total smokeshow, long hair or short)

speaking of…i still can’t get over the final decision for the Iroquois lacrosse team.  don’t even get me started.

just sent in first “real job” job application.

back to searching…

me me me mine mine mine

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i’ve been having so much fun fooling around with different photoshop actions.

hopefully i won’t get sick again tonight so i can run in the morning.

fingers crossed.

i took a chance at playing curator today over at Etsy’s Treasury.  it’s fun, and i was able to make a list of beautiful things i want for my new apartment that i move into this fall.  feel free to buy me anything if you so desire.


i know i’ve mentioned how much i love the Radiolab podcast before.  it’s a lifesaver at work, when i spend hours organizing and filing.  i know this one specific episode is from last august sometime, but i just got around to listening watching it today…and it’s beautiful.  part 16 of the “moments of death” show: a film by Will Hoffman (of Anyone Everything), exploring moments of life.

absolutely wonderful.

**check out the rest of the videos/images/words/everything on the anyone everything site.  they’re pretty fantastic.

my sincere apologies for such a hiatus from being here.  mums and pums decided to take a week vacation to come and visit, so i was busy preparing for their arrival, and then had a week full of 3/4 family goodness.

4th of july is huge here.  some things that were seen in the parade included:

  • smokey the bear (in costume, back not zipped)
  • donkeys and ponies with glittery, painted hooves
  • a squadron of kids, age 6-14, driving around on atvs/quads
  • a 100 year old woman in a golf cart
  • old women dressed as early 20th century prostitutes
  • a town band
  • “fancy” cars (ie. not trucks)

it was pretty great.

other things that have been happening:

  • i’ve been knitting and crocheting a lot lately.  i’m working on a large blanket for myself, as well as a baby gift for friends.  i wanted to finish the blanket for myself by this winter, but think the babygift will need to come first, as i can wait, while i don’t think it can stay in the womb much longer than 9 months.
  • i signed up for a free netflix account.  so far, i’ve watched the royal tenenbaums, grey gardens, and a, now watching it might get loud.  jack white is unbelievable at guitar.
  • i found a website that makes me want to get married asap.  it’s called merci registry, and almost makes me think that it would be ok to rush into a hasty relationship with anyone just so i can sign up to use it.  don’t worry. i won’t. but i kind of want to.
  • i need to start the run 2 mi+ a day thing again.  things were good when i was doing that.  will make an effort to being enforcing that tomorrow
  • i made cauliflower/potato soup tonight.  it was good, could have used a bit more flavoring, but good.  the not-so-good thing is that i’m left with about a gallon of soup.  no joke…literally, a gallon.  it’s leftover in the 4 small tupperware containers i have, as well as my large silver mixing bowl.  i’ll be eating this for breakfast/lunch/diner for the next week. oyvey.
  • i can’t stop looking at things that i want on etsy.  i think sometime this week, i’ll post a wish list of things i’m in love with.  then, if anyone loves me, they can buy them for me.  i can show you how much i appreciate your thoughtfulness by making you fun things and showering you with kind words.
  • i also can’t stop looking for jobs.  unfortunately, not being done (or even started, for that matter) with my thesis, i feel like i’m kind of limited to NYC, which makes my options even slimmer.  anyone have  a job opening in collections management/registrar/curatorial work for me? thanks

it’s only 10pm, and i’m tired.  i feel like there’s something in the air here that makes me want to sleep and sleep and sleep and sleep and sleep forever.

***also: when did we stop doing calisthenics? i think that needs to make a comeback. especially if it involves wearing nude-colored tinyshorts.

i feel like i’ve regressed back to being 6.  i woke up, felt the need to watch indiana jones and the temple of doom, and make pancakes.  it’s pretty great.  “india” + “archaeology” + repressed sexual urges = terribly tacky but simultaneously awesome movie.

Plastic surgery…dogs, Schnauzers, Pitbulls… shoes, shoelaces…chateaus…sunglasses, Blublockers…rivers, lakes, fields…Africa, elephants…astronauts… money, muscles, the moon, Maine…rings, roads, rats, the color red…the sun, kids, ants, honey, Egypt…all kinds of things...

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