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tickets for myself and car on the ferry to and from Canada to Alask?


new glasses bought from Warby Parker?


finished with last museum class of the semester?


throat still feels like i swallowed kitty litter, and a nose still running like a faucet?

check and check.

looks like everything’s in order.


i never meant to be a liar.  unfortunately, grad school has turned me into one.  i keep meaning to post more often, but days blur together and before i know it, a month goes by with nothing.

it’s very strange how close to the end of school it is, which of course, means how close to the end of grad-school it is.  come may 12, when i submit my last final paper, all that stands between me and a M.A. degree in Museum Anthropology is my thesis.  i’m talking to my advisor about that tomorrow, but she gave me the nod of approval to go ahead with it when i handed in my proposal a month ago.  i just hope that the library in wrangell can handle my researching needs….i’m a researching machine.

speaking of alaska, i’m still waiting on confirmation from my potential co-pilot for traveling out there.  he should let me know tomorrow.  i hope it’s yes.  fingers crossed.

i can’t wait until i have a job that i can work at during the day, but completely leave there when i go home for the night.  it’s really difficult to find a way to balance school-work time with personal time, as i always feel stupid-guilty when i’m not reading an article or writing a paper, etc.  i just want to be able to come home and draw or paint or something.  anything.

hopefully soon. and hopefully more updates to my etsy soon.  so frustrating…so many ideas, no time.

though, i plan on going to 3rd ward‘s drink and draw tomorrow night.  the perfect combination of my two loves…

i leave you with my new favorite video….buffy sainte-marie singing with fred the horse (cripple creek).

i am a blogging slacker. a quick list:

  1. i just put up some new stuff over at the etsy site.  wonderful cards. you totally know you want them…
  2. i’m spending 10 weeks this summer in alaska. eeks!
  3. spring break! home in brooklyn!
  4. taking a letterpress class. it is so. much. fun.  hopefully i can rent out a press to use once the classes are over to continue making prints. i’m in love.  (don’t tell anyone, but i think i might want to go back to school for printmaking…yikes…)

well, it’s official.

i will be spending ten weeks this summer in Wrangell, Alaska.


had to make the decision over the course of 24 hours, but i think i  made the right one.

it will certainly be interesting, that’s for sure.


ok! must run…literally…and then see this bear dance tonight.  !!!

me me me mine mine mine

bear in man me me, mine mine mine

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