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apologies to the 2 people who read this…

my lack of posts has been due to increased travel.

currently in wendover, UT, on my way back to Brooklyn.

it’s a big country.


i’m absolutely obsessed with Dark Dark Dark’s rendition of Elephan Micah’s song “Wild Goose Chase”.

i’m also obsessed with my friend Matt’s new tape label, Words + Dreams.

in his own words (no pun intended):

The first W+D release is Enigma Variations, a 20-minute cassette from Brooklyn’s Guilty Ghosts, hand-dubbed and hand-numbered in an edition of 50. Guilty Ghosts is the solo project of Tristan O’Donnell, a good friend and excellent musician, composed of sparse, fuzzy, chilling guitar loops and chilled-out beats broadcast from the moon, simultaneously intimate and a million miles away. For a few different but equally vague descriptions, there are even some blog write-ups.

check it out. it’s pretty stellar…


i think (fingers crossed) that we’ve found an apartment in fort greene, brooklyn…meeting with the landlord this week sometime, and hopefully my charming ways will woo her to accept our application and we’ll be good to go.

though, i am sad to leave.

it’s strange.

additionally:  am working on some new things for the shop, and will hopefully have some news regarding such things soon…big-ish news (well, for me at least)…

Plastic surgery…dogs, Schnauzers, Pitbulls… shoes, shoelaces…chateaus…sunglasses, Blublockers…rivers, lakes, fields…Africa, elephants…astronauts… money, muscles, the moon, Maine…rings, roads, rats, the color red…the sun, kids, ants, honey, Egypt…all kinds of things...

oh hey…

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