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wednesday was a wild day.  not only did patrick wolfe attend my class, but he then gave a lecture later that afternoon in the anthro department (‘Where Did the Vanishing Indian Vanish To? Hunting Grounds Happy and Not So Happy in US Indian Policy’)  .  i don’t think i’ve been that academically inspired in such a long time.  i wanted to work on my thesis.  i wanted to work on final papers.  i wanted to apply for a PhD.

but then i realized, it’s a lot of work, and i don’t know if i’m up for that right now.

which was then followed by the most amazing night at 3rd ward.  i ended up attending drink & draw, and don’t think i can remember a time being that relaxed, especially while drawing.  i haven’t done figure drawing in so long, but it was so much fun.  i’ll try to upload some of the sketches i did if i get a chance.  for $10 (if you go with a friend), you get unlimited beer (colt45), and a model who does several 2 minute poses, several 5 or 8 minutes poses (i forget), and 3 20 minute poses. we were late and only got in 2 of the mid-length poses, plus the longer 20 minute ones, but it was absolutely worth it.

highly recommend it.

currently working on setting up an actual website. we’ll see how that goes.

another favorite.

off to class…must not be late for patrick wolfe (!!!!)

also:  i am totally going to make a mouth bow.

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